Can you have too many hobbies?

So recently, I’ve become obsessed with the idea of buying a spinning wheel, and spinning my own yarn. I did take a spindle-spinning class once, and I really enjoyed it. It felt very natural for me. I just sort of left it alone though, after I finished the initial fibre that came with the class and the spindle. I knew I enjoyed it, but really didn’t want the drag of another partially-ignored hobby hanging around my neck.

I’ve always been fairly fickle with my crafting, leaving half-finished projects and piles of supplies to gather dust. I’ve stuck with knitting for a long time though. Longer than origami or beading or candle-making lasted. Definitely longer than my short stint of sewing!

But still, I hear the call of a wheel. I can’t believe I’m even considering something that needs an investment of $500+ dollars to get started! “But a wheel would be so fun!” a little inside voice tells me.

Then I look at all the amazing fibre available on Etsy. It makes me wonder: is this a way to get around my yarn-buying hiatus? I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more yarn until my stash was under 10km long. I’m getting closer, I’m halfway there from where I started:
yarnage graph june 27 2008

Another reason I’m reluctant is my lack of time. I haven’t had time to podcast every month like I wanted to. It’s just the way my life has worked out this year: barely being at home. I suppose I did have the month of May off, but I was rejuvenating by discovering my inner domestic goddess. I got really in to cooking and baking. I’m fine with that hobby; we do always have to eat, after all!

Here is a list of all the things I want to be my hobbies:

  • knitting
  • reading
  • sewing
  • baking
  • spinning
  • podcasting
  • beading (for stitch markers/Etsy)
  • Gocco (I wanted to make witty cards to sell on Etsy)

Here’s just a few of the things I’ve picked up and left by the wayside:

  • beading (jewelery)
  • sewing
  • origami
  • candle making
  • soapmaking (just the poured ones)
  • scrapbooking (for my cookbook)
  • podcasting
  • Gocco (still haven’t tried it, but I’ve got one….)
  • Polymer clay

I think I will go down that slippery slope of spinning. When I get back home from this contract (Aug 3 can’t come soon enough!) I think I’ll make myself feel better by listing some old supplies for some of the left-behind things on Etsy.

I’ve been checking Craigslist and Kijiji for use wheels, and have had nothing yet. I suppose I could post a wanted ad… I think I’m going to go for a folding wheel, or a Ladybug. I definitely want small, as our apartment is pretty close to full, even with the destashing I’ve been doing. Anyone have a spare hanging around?

I joined a challenge on Ravelry to get rid of 100 things in the month of June, and I completed it! Granted, the things aren’t actually out of the house yet, but they’re bagged and ready to go the next time I’m in town. Maybe if I do that again when I get back in August, combined with listing some supplies on Etsy, I’ll feel more ready to tackle spinning.

…and I think I may join a fibre club now. Just to get that stash started for when I get that wheel…

3 thoughts on “Can you have too many hobbies?

  1. Spinning is so much fun, you will love it! But I hear you about all the other hobbies, I’m kind of in the same boat.

    Hope you will have time to podcast again, but I imagine it must be tons of work.

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