Recipes October 31 – November 6

I have quite the cookbook collection, but I still find most of the recipes I use online. I thought I’d start collecting all the ones I use in a week together in one post, just for fun.

ReBar Rice Pudding from the ReBar cookbook: I make this at least once a month, so I’ll just put it in here. Rebar is a vegetarian restaurant in my hometown, and I have a copy of their fabulous book. This rice pudding is everything you’ve ever wanted from rice pudding: lots of nice spice, not to sweet but just sweet enough, creamy from coconut and dairy-free! I also have an almost endless supply of brown basmati rice because I bought a 20kg bag from the local organic store on sale. Last year. Still eating it.

Wholewheat Apple Muffins from Smitten Kitchen: Very tasty, nice and moist! I used brown sugar in the muffins, and really chunky sugar for on top. Yum.

Butternut Squash Thyme Crumble from White on Rice Couple: I’ve only ever cooked a butternut squash once before, and that was in the slow cooker, although I buy butternut squash ravioli fairly often. This was absolutely delicious – crumble is one of my favourite desserts and I’d never thought about making it savoury. I used wholewheat flour for the topping, and added some bacon for crunch. The taste combination of everything really reminded me of one of my favourite holiday foods: stuffing. I think it’d go great as a side dish at Christmas or Thanksgiving. I served it with baked chicken breasts.

Stuffed Shells from the November issue of Martha Stewart Living: I love that this recipe makes 2 dishes – one to cook and one to freeze! Or you could freeze both. I think this might have been the first time I’ve ever bought and chopped cabbage – I found this tutorial helpful. Cabbage never really features in our diet for some reason. I used bacon in this instead of prosciutto, as I had bacon leftover from the Butternut Crumble the day before.


Stuffed Shells, before baking

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