Rhinebeck Wishing Sweater and a Giveaway!

So this year, I have the third weekend of October off. This may not mean a lot to non knitters, but knitters know that the third weekend in October means the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, more commonly known just by the name of the town it is held in: Rhinebeck. I once described Sock Summit as “knitters’ Woodstock”. Really that title is much more appropriate for Rhinebeck, as Rhinebeck is about 30 minutes from actual Woodstock.

I’m not certain I can go yet, and won’t have a better idea until we can assess the state of our bank account in September, but I’m hopeful. (To help me get there, I’ve put some of my stash on sale too!)

A lot of knitters that go to Rhinebeck make Rhinebeck sweaters. Awesome knitted sweaters to wear around the fair are a great conversation starter, and a sign that you’re a knitter. Now as I’m not certain I can go, for a little while I wasn’t sure if I should start a sweater. Would it be some form of sweater curse to start knitting it before I knew I could go? Would it bring luck to me to help me go? I’ve decided to start one, because work is about to get in the way of my knitting time, and I can’t guarantee that I could knit a sweater in the time between deciding to really really go and getting there. And if I don’t end up going, I’ve got a nice new cardigan.

I think I’ve decided on the Paulie pattern:


It’s a free pattern, which is a plus considering the immediate lockdown I put on my wallet once I decided I needed to save for this trip.

I’ve got a main colour yarn already, Wollmeise Kurbis. I’m just not sure what colour I want to do the stripes with, so I thought I’d see what everyone else thought.


The main colour is the two skeins on the outside of the picture. They’re a little variegated, so I may actually do the ‘2 rows from one skein, 2 rows from another thing’. Here they’re pictured with a deep pink Wollmeise in Himbeere. This would make a bright sweater, staying in the same general colour family.


Or I could stripe with purple. I have two purple Wollmeise skeins, Lila Ludmilla and Amethyst Dark. The photo above shows the differences in the purples. Out of these two I think I’m leaning towards the paler one, but I could be persuaded otherwise.


Or I have some teal yarn that’s a little brighter than I could photograph. This is another good contrasty combination. I have more than what’s in the picture for the teal, but it might be a close thing doing that last teal i-cord bind=off. This teal is Koigu colour 1500.


Or a paler, dusty pink from Zen Yarn Garden. This was an afterthought as I was pulling all my yarn out to see what would go. I think it could be interesting.

Now here is the fun part! I have a third skein of the orange-y Wollmeise. I shouldn’t need it for this sweater (I’m making the small size), but I want to hang onto it for insurance, because it would suck to run out during the bind off or something. If I do use any of it, it definitely won’t be much, and Wollmeise is generous with their yardage. So, if you leave a comment telling me which colour you think is best for the stripes (and/or why one combination is so heinous it should never be seen again) you will be put into a drawing for that last skein! You can also enter by tweeting about the giveaway (see below for details). I will mail the skein when I have completely finished the sweater, or if I give up on the sweater/don’t finish in time, I’ll mail it out to you on October 14th, the start of Rhinebeck. You can enter this competition up until I post a picture of the first stripe knitted into the sweater in my chosen combo on the blog. I imagine that will be near the end of the month.

And there’s a new kid in town trying to make entering contests easier for bloggers! The name of the service is Rafflecopter. I applied for an invite and it came through a little while ago, and I’m going to test it out with this competition. Once you’ve left your comment and clicked the “I did this!” button (don’t forget to do that, that’s what enters you in the draw!) you can also use the Rafflecopter widget to tweet about the giveaway once per day for another chance to win. If you want to comment but don’t want to be in the draw, comment away and ignore the Rafflecopter widget. This is my first go with Rafflecopter, and if it works well, I could probably be persuaded into doing some more giveaways. :)

(If you’re reading this in Google Reader or the like, you’ll need to hop over here to see the widget!)

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  • Ikkinlala

    I like the high-contrast combinations best, I think. My first choice would be the teal, but both the light and dark purple would also look nice.

  • Anne B.

    My vote is for the teal to contrast with the orangy.

  • http://ravelry.com/people/loveelle lorraine

    i love her patterns! im currently knitting caramel and im almost done with the 1st sleeve..bah! that yarn is lovely! id have to go with the dark ameythyst (thats spelled wrong) i love the orange and the purple together and you dont see that color combo often..

  • Stacy J

    I think the teal is beautiful and say go for that one as the contrast will look great!

  • Yana

    You should definitely stripe with the teal Koigu.

  • Maire Martin

    I originally was thinking of the dusty rose in that last picture, but now that I’m actually seeing the photos on my computer rather than my cell phone, I’m leaning more towards the paler of the two purples.  I think it might be a good combination without too much colour vibration :)

  • Dingledaisy

    I like the teal best followed by the purple.

  • http://schnueffeltier.wordpress.com/ Theresia

    I really think that a natural yarn would be best. So one without any colour, an off white. I know that you don´t show that here. But that´s my opinion. It would show the color of the Wollmeise best and make a good contrast.
    (And I don´t want to enter the drawing. I live in Germany not far from the Wollmeise store. So I think there are people commenting that deserve the yarn more than I do.) :-)

  • LaLa

    I love the teal with it!

  • JoyceAnna D’Alessandro

    They are all lovely but I like the teal best

  • sassykathy

    I love the Lila Ludmilla as the stripe!

  • http://www.knitswithbenefits.com Kate

    I love the teal the best, then the purple. The deep pink has similar hues (red based) to the orangey- so it might be harder to see the stripe… 

  • Fleur

    A great pattern this Paulie cardigan! Personally I would do it in the purple yarn that is on the second photo, but the pink one on the first also looks very beautiful. Of course it is your cardigan and your fun of knitting, so you pick without hesitation what you prefer. Let us just drool over that lovely yarn and please post a picture when the cardigan is done. Can’t wait!

    And enjoy that third weekend of October! Cheerio, Fleur

  • Rebeka D

    Ooo, I really love the rusty colour with the teal. Such a classic combination, and teals seem to be fashionable at the moment.

  • varenkal

    Honestly I’m not super feeling any of these combinations, but I tend to be more matchy than complementy. On that note, I think I like the blue or either of the lighter purples best, as they seem to complement best. Definitely not feeling the bright pink. I like it, but I don’t think I’d like it with the Kurbis.

    Me being me, I’m sure I’ll think whatever you do is great – and something like this gives me cause to think outside my little box. Thanks and good luck! I hope you make it to Rhinebeck.

  • http://profiles.google.com/knittingdancer Teresa aka Knittingdancer

    I love the teal with that yarn.  I didn’t like the hot pink with it, it kinda clashes to me.  If you decide on the purple, I would go with the darker purple because of the gold color in the yarn.  I didn’t like the dusty pink with it either.

  • http://www.ravelry.com/people/Jade108 Jade

    I love your combos, but I would probably use the dark purple. Then again, the lighter purple is a pretty combo too (if you haven’t noticed, I like purple)

  • Kara

    Maybe it’s just the way the colors are showing up on my computer screen, but I really like the darker pink. I think it would make beautifully subtle stripes that set off the variegation of the orange. But I also really like the dusty pink and the teal, and I’m sure whatever you pick will turn out really cool.

  • Linda Randall

    I keep coming back to the teal.  The paler purple is also pretty, but the teal really grabs me.  I’m not sure the deep pink in the first photo should ever see the light of day.  Wow, that’s bright.  On the plus side, you’d be hard to lose in a crowd!

  • Beth W.

    Beautiful!  Me?  I like the combination with the Amythest Dark.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4FVJ2MVAFU6G25SB32ITD4LRRQ Rose

    My first choice would be the teal.  If I didn’t have that color, I think the lighter purple brings the orange out quite nicely as well.   Any choice you make, you shall look absolutely stunning at Rhinebeck.  Have fun.
    Sisterrobinson on Ravelry.

  • Margiechef

    Love the orange and teal! No love for the dusty rose/orange combination. My fine art degree says that one doesn’t work at all!

  • Jayne

    My vote is for the light purple. I think it will be just the right POP of color to offset the autumnal shades of the main color. Visited the Wollmeise shop in Germany back in May…wonderful place and great people.

  • Sch4gators

    I think the stripes should be the teal color….so pretty~

  • Karen

    I love the idea of the teal stripes. It is my favorite color and I think it would look truly amazing.

  • Yvette

    I like the purple the best. But I am a purple lover. So it’s an an obvious choice. The sweater is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you do and the FO.

  • Suzan Allen

    I like the teal best. That woolmeise is a gorgeous autumnal colour – hope I win!

  • Sandra

    the deep pink is deffo the one.  same colour family but stupendous contrast

  • Skyview

    Definitely my pick is Amethyst Dark. I do not like the dusty pink pairing.

  • http://www.greenplanetnursery.blogspot.com Deborah Ireland

    I like the dark purple.  I think you should stripe with that. 

  • Agnes

    That’s a gorgeous sweater pattern and I think it would be spectacular with the deep pink.  I can’t wait to see which you choose!

  • Melissa Sweet

    I love the orange teal combination.  I have that pattern queued up as teal with oatmeal color stripes. Sadly I will probably not be able to go to Rhinebeck this year.

  • Roxyrana

    Definitely the Teal as a first choice then the darker purple. I think the pink would be lost a bit with the Kurbis, although it sure is vibrant.  It would actually work well with a grey similar to the original pattern )
    Look forward to seeing your finished Paulie,…it’s been in my queue since it first came out !

  • Liz

    I think the teal and orange would be lovely–I love that combination!

  • granjudy

    The first photo, pink with the orangey brown is the best combination. It looks warm and fun, a good vibe for Rhinebeck. Of course, you want to swatch it since the yarn will look different in the swatch than it does in the skein. granjudy

  • andreabrightside

    I love the teal combo but that’s my favourite colour right now.  They’re all super nice!  I’m going to try this raffle thing now!

  • Debbiepaxton

    The dusty pink would be my first choice, the teal a close second.

  • Pastelito

    I think the teal would be a beautiful contrast.

  • http://www.childhoodanxietysws.com Marian

    I like the high contrast colors. My first choice is the teal and the second choice is the darker purple!

  • Sherry in Idaho

    I really like the deep pink for the contrast stripe.  I have found that colors we used to think did not go together really make each other pop

  • grandmastatus

    i like the teal best. not a fan of the purple, though.
    rav id: grandmastatus

  • Cindy

    My first trip to your blog and I love it.  The color I think you should use is the Koigu 1500 teal.  Good luck and I hope to see a picture of your sweater before Rhinebeck.

  • Julie

    I think doing the stripes in the bright pink Himbeere would look awesome! I like pink. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/nat.howells Natalie Howells

    Oooh, I’ve queued the pattern, it looks gorgeous :)

    My pick would be the teal, because I adore orange and teal together, but second choice would be the pink (although it would be too bright for me to wear, I’d love to see if on someone else!)

  • Michaela

    I have always loved the orange-purple combo, and I think your sweater would look nice with either Lila Ludmilla or Amethyst Dark as the contrast colour!

  • Lacey

    Wow.  I love that sweater pattern.  And hello Wollmeise stash! 

    Personally, I like the purple with it.  I’m fond of the opposites on the color wheel kind of combos.  (I’m assuming that this yarn is kinda golden yellow).  Well, now that I look back, the teal is nice too because it’s more orangey than yellow-y.  No wonder you asked for imput! :D