Baby Bonanza

There’s been a rash of babies breaking out at work lately – don’t worry, none of them are mine! Just to stay safe though, P says I’m not allowed to drink the water at work. ;)

With all these babies around, and me needing something to distract me from the Jekyll & Hyde socks, I decided to knit up some booties. It’s a good thing that booties are tiny and quick to do, because I’ve made some for baby F, which means I should make some for baby B, and if baby B gets some baby L should as well, and since baby F got some, come February I’ll have to make some for baby H… it’s snowballing, but so far I’m still enjoying them.

Baby booties are also great for using up those bits of sock yarn that are left over after a pair of adult socks. Here’s my first pair of booties with the original socks I made:


Here is the same combination, with my feet for scale:


I’m using the Yarn Harlot’s Cutest Bootie Pattern, and it is so quick to knit! And I love that it is all cushy in garter stitch. I’d never want to wear full garter stitch socks, but babies don’t wear shoes. Or walk!


I’ve opted not to add the pompoms. I wasn’t sure how to secure them well enough, plus imagine if baby barfed on a pompom? How would you clean that! Or even if baby barfed on the bootie, how well does a pompom wash?

The booties pictured above are for a baby boy, here is the start of my next pair, which is for a baby girl:


I don’t have enough of the multicoloured yarn for a full pair, so I have decided to do multicolour cuffs and maroon feet. The maroon yarn picks out the deepest tone of magenta in the multicoloured yarn.

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  • Allie

    Aww, these are adorable!