Too much broth, not enough cooks

You know that saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? I’m having the opposite happening to me right now. I have SO. MANY. blog posts planned/half-written/almost done/just needs one more photo but none of them are ready to post yet. I’ve been getting distracted with other projects that I then want to write about and share, which just ends with more half-finished posts.

Today I’m very excited because I followed a DIY tutorial I found on Pinterest, and am current wearing something that I sewed. Myself. I am not a sewer, although I’ve owned my sewing machine since I was 10, and I think this is the first time I have voluntarily sewn something. And not cried.

But, that project is suffering from the ‘just needs one more picture’ malady, so today I show you the fancy manicure I gave myself yesterday, also inspired by a pin on Pinterest.


I just did one fancy nail, otherwise I would have been sitting there forever, and it had already taken longer than I expected and I had to get to work. But I do like the one accent nail look. The tutorial for the patchwork nail polish is nice and clear. I used 3 colours of OPI polish – the dark teal that looks black in this photo is called ‘My Personal Serpent’, the purple glitter is ‘Eve-y On The Eyes’ and the grey is ‘Break a Legwarmer!’. I feel very punky with such dark nails. I kinda like it.

On the blog front, I am planning on diving back into everything fully next week, after Thanksgiving – I’ve even had a few ideas about plans or features to do… I’m uncertain about how I feel about features. When I say ‘feature’ I mean things like ‘every Wednesday I post about sewing’. In one way I feel like it gives cohesiveness to blogs like mine where the blogger talks about everything, but on the other hand sometimes I feel features get a little ‘oh no, it’s Wednesday, she’s going to talk about sewing again’ for the readers. Our honeymoon is still months away, but I’m so enthused about it that I feel like I could write a ‘Honeymoon Monday’ post from now until we leave. I thought Monday and honeymoon went well together. :)

What are your thoughts on set-day features like that? Do you enjoy or does it annoy? Is it less annoying if bloggers don’t make a point of it, and just post about honeymoons every Monday without spelling out ‘this is what I am doing’?

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