Double-Photo Christmas Cards

I got inspiration for my holiday cards this year from this post on Papertrey Ink’s blog. (Have I mentioned that would happily buy everything they sell, if I only had the money? Because I totally would.) I ordered the tri-fold card bases, and while those were in the mail (plus, ahem, some stamps) Cinnamon Buns and I went through the wedding photos and picked our favourites out. When the card bases arrived, we got to work.

Photo Christmas Card

You can switch up how you fold them up, we decided to go with this orientation.

Photo Christmas Card

We stuck a photo of us to the front with permanent glue dots (glue dots make this project so easy!)

Photo Christmas Card

People who weren’t at the wedding, or didn’t use the photobooth (shame!) get a silly photo of us inside, also stuck down with permanent glue dots.

Photo Christmas Card

Those who were there get our favourite picture of them from the photobooth, stuck down with temporary glue dots so they can take it out and frame it/magnet it to the fridge/whatever they want to do with it.

Photo Christmas Card

I used these two sentiments on the middle panel inside, with both ink colours shown above. The two faint red stamps in the upper left were some Colorbox pigment ink, the bright red and the greenish-blue (the two colours I ended up using) are Tim Holtz’s seasonal distress inks in the colours Festive Berries and Evergreen Bough.

Photo Christmas Card

We didn’t have a printer at our wedding, so people had their photos taken in the photobooth and never got to see them. I’d always planned to send out photobooth photos in the thank you cards, but I wanted to get the thank yous done and dusted and we didn’t have wedding photos back yet. So we revised that plan and decided to send out photobooth photos with our holiday cards this year. We’re also including a little business card-size insert with info on where to find all the photos (including the photobooth ones) online. I think all this completely makes up for the lack of printer at the actual wedding!

If you got married this year, are you milking the wedding-photo-gift possibilities this season? I know I am!

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  • Anonymous

    Your cards are so cute!!

  • Morgan

    Those turned out really great!

    And yes, the Christmas after your wedding gives you the best excuse to put your pro pics to good use for gifts!