Christmas Open House

This year being the first year that I’ve had more than 3 days off for Christmas in a while, we decided to try doing an open house again. We chose an open house format for our party because many of our friends would be working no matter what date and time we chose, and this way they could stop by before or after work. I had great fun baking up a storm, and because way less people came than we expected, we’ve been having great fun eating all the leftovers and not cooking at all.

After everything was set up, I realized that my camera battery was dead, so all photos in this post were taken with Hipstamatic on my iPhone.

We bought all these tiny teal Christmas balls last Boxing day for something silly like 90% off. We were going to use them as wedding decor, but decided it was too much effort in the end. I really wanted to turn them in to some sort of chandelier-y thing, and it worked! We knotted them on to fishing line at random intervals, and knotted a blue jingle bell to the end of each string for weight. I thought it was very whimsical and festive.

I baked. A lot. We had Lime Linzer Cookies, Brown Butter Shortbread, Lemony Slice & Bakes, Peppermint Meringues, Chocolate Spice Drops, Eggnog Coffee Cake, mince pies made with mum’s homemade mincemeat…

And that was just the baking! For savoury, we did our favourite caramelized onion dip, spinach-avocado dip, pizza monkey bread (with chicken chorizo and goat cheese), Caesar salad devilled eggs, and curry chicken wonton cups. Plus veggies, naan, and chips for dipping.

I used these printables from Hostess With the Mostess for the food labels.

It was great to see the people that did come, and I know those that didn’t are probably having a busy holiday time. Hey, it meant we didn’t have to cook for a few days afterwards!

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  • Anonymous

    Everything looks so good!  What lens/flash/film did you use on the first picture?

  • Anonymous

    The top one was the Loftus lens and DC film – both of which I believe were in the ‘Foodie’ snap pack. No flash. :)

  • Anonymous


  • Licoriceandolives

    All that baking looks amazing! What is this open house you are talking of though? Come over anytime??