Healthy Lunch Pizzas



It’s a pretty simple recipe. Basically, put anything you would put on a personal pizza on a portabello mushroom (remove the stem first). Then bake until cheese is melty!

The best part about this recipe is the website it introduced me to: Once a Month Mom. Now while I am nobody’s mum/mom, I do like to eat. I like to eat immediately once I’m home from work. That is, during the weeks that I don’t eat dinner at work. This usually means that the fridge could be stocked with all sorts of good things, but I want FOOD and I WANT it NOW so I’ll fry an egg. Or have cereal if getting the frying pan out will take too long (this is assuming P hasn’t been at home that day to cook, because when he is, he does, and I love him for it). I could see us using a lot of the OMM recipes, especially their whole food, veggie, and dairy-free menus. (I’m just not a ‘open a can of mushroom soup’ type of person).

The things that need to be thrown in the oven before eating will be great for rehearsal days, when I work 9am-6pm, and the things that just need to be put in the microwave or toaster oven will be great for tech days, when I work 12pm-12am! And, I’m always up for a great muffin recipe. :)

I love having a stocked freezer – stocked with meals, not just frozen meat and ice cubes! It’s great to help tighten your literal and financial belts too. We aren’t running to pay $$ for greasy things that we probably shouldn’t eat. Just grab something from the freezer! We do need to invest in some more food containers though, they’re all ending up in the freezer now.

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