Heather’s Dilemma

I mentioned in the SSK Yarn Haul video, but in case you didn’t watch it, I had spent all the cash I was allowed at the marketplace when I found a braid of beautiful fibre called ‘Heather’s Dilemma’. As it literally had my name on it, I decided it was ok to break out the credit card and purchase it. It looked like this in fibre form:


I started spinning it right after I bought it, as that was also the first day of Tour De Fleece.


A couple nights ago, I finished the second bobbin of singles, and then put both bobbins on to my lovely 3-prong, tensioned lazy Kate! (thanks mum!)


After a lot of plying, I had this! I had split the fibre down the middle, and was hoping to get a mostly self-striping yarn, with bits of barber-poling in between the solid coloured sections. I obviously didn’t do a good job of splitting it (probably because it went something like ‘Look what I bought! Wheee! *Rip*) so this is more of a barber-pole yarn with a few solid bits.


This is the water in the bathroom sink after it had been soaking for about 15 minutes! That dye didn’t transfer to the yarn (or the sink!) luckily, and the yarn doesn’t look paler than it was.


342 yards of yummy sport-weight yarn! I was waffling about what to make with it, and then I watched my friend (from SSK!) Sam’s latest podcast, and she is going to be doing a KAL of the Wingspan scarf for the next month and a half or so. I have just about the amount needed for that, and she was there when I started spinning this yarn, so it seems appropriate.


I had some singles left on one bobbin (see above re: not splitting it in actual halves) so I practiced Navajo plying that I learned from Lynn at SSK. Lynn was an amazing teacher, I feel like I learned a ton of stuff in her class. I can see the improvement already in both these skeins. Particularly in the n-ply tiny skein, because when I tried that once before, I basically tied myself to the wheel by accident.

I haven’t been perfect about spinning every day during TDF, but I’ve been pretty ok. Random extra travel day on July 1st didn’t help, but I’ve done as much as I could. I really want to try to spin at least 15 minutes every day for the rest of it, and hopefully that will get the habit ingrained in me. I also don’t want to forget all the amazing things I learned!

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  • Memphisholli

    That is beautiful! It was definitely meant to be yours and will make a great Wingspan.